All your lash serum questions answered

They say that eyes are the windows to your soul, and our lashes definitely make these windows look more attractive! There’s a lot of lash serums on the market, and all claims to give you the long thick lashes that you’ve been dreaming of.

But there’s little we know about how they work and what to use. So we’ve collected all the frequently asked questions about lash serums and did our own research to answer all these questions. We hope at the end of reading this blog, you can make an informed decision on what type of serum to use, and how to get the best results out of these amazing products.

Questions: Does lash serum work? Does lash serum work on eyebrows? Does lash serum thicken lashes? How does lash serum work?


The short answer is Yes, yes and yes!

Lash serums are designed to give you stronger, thicker, and sometimes longer lashes. They can help reduce breakage, strengthen lash roots, and create a more defined lash line. Which we know can add so much points to your whole look. They usually work fast, so results can be seen around 2-6 weeks of continued use.

They work on all hair around the body, so they will work on your eyebrows or any hair on the body as well. Because there’s really not much difference (apart from length, colour, and curliness) between lashes or any other type of hair on our body. You can use them on eyebrows and hairlines, it’s just lash serums uses very expensive ingredients, so it can be expensive to use them to grow head hair!

The various lash serums on the market all have ingredients that supports the growth and nourishment for the lashes. What makes them different, is the ingredients that will give you different results and possibly side effects in the end.


What ingredients are in lash serums? Is lash serum safe? Is lash serum safe for breastfeeding? Is lash serum safe for pregnancy? Can lash serum change eye colour? Can lash serum cause blindness? Can lash serum be used with lash extensions? Lash serum for damaged lashes?


If you are wanting to condition your lashes and repair damages caused by lash extensions, falsies, and over use of eye makeup etc, look for ingredients that can support the repair and regrowth of hairs, such as keratin, amino acids from lupins and silk, Vitamins, minerals, and botanical extracts.

More potent ingredients that can help with the thickness and strength of the lashes are polypeptides, biotin, collagen, panthenol, caffeine, and some botanical extracts such as pumpkin seed extracts, ginko leaf, almond extract etc.

If you are more serious about growing the length of your lashes, and you are more tolerant of any potential side effects, you may want to try ingredients that are even stronger. Such as prostaglandin and prostaglandin analogs, which was discovered when it is used in glaucoma treatments, they are not safe to use when pregnant, breastfeeding, or when going through chemotherapy. Chlorphenesin is another ingredient that may cause side effects such as discolouration of the iris, and eye irritation.

It’s very unlikely that lash serums can cause blindness, and there hasn't been any cases that we found to cause blindness, but like all products that you use around the eye, if you experience more serious irritation, such as red eyes, discharge, and pain, stop using it and check with your doctor.

Questions: How to use lash serums? How to apply lash serum? When to apply lash serum? Where to apply lash serum?


Before you apply any lash serum, make sure the eye area is clean and dry from make up and creams. The effect comes with regular long-term use, the amount of serum you apply does not increase its effectiveness. Eye lashes has a growth cycle of around 2 weeks, so it will take about 2 weeks to see initial results, and continued use will ensure the results last as long as you use them.

Apply a small amount of serum to the roots of the lashes; this is where the product will stimulate the hair growth. Allow serum to dry before applying makeup, check the label because some lash serums may not be compatible to use with makeup or other products.

Apply a small amount of serum to the roots of the lashes, this is where the product will stimulate the hair growth. And then allow serum to dry before applying makeup and other products.

Questions: What lash serum works best? Lash serum for sensitive eyes? Lash serum for Asian lashes?

It is difficult to say which lash serum will work best for you, because every individual responds quite differently to the ingredients in the lash serums, and goes to people with different ethnic backgrounds too. It’s usually a trial and error which lash serum works best for you, but you should be able to see some results with most lash serums.

Just like it’s a trial and error for results, lash serums can cause sensitivity to different people. It really depends on what your body might be allergic to, especially with the sensitive area around the eyes. A rule of thumb is to stop using if you feel any irritation and discomfort when using a lash serum.

So here’s the most frequently asked questions about lash serums answered. We hope you found this blog helpful in choosing the best lash serum for your needs!